Aura healing & Evil eye healing

Sometimes negative energies get stuck in our aura which brings forth certain discomfort and sickness. These negative energies which come from other individuals are called evil eye. Aura healing is an effective way to get rid of such negativity.

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Psychic protection

Constant jealousy, anger, fear or other such intense negative energy projected by others can rupture our aura. This may result in sickness, irritability etc. Psychic protection technique helps protect the aura from harm.


Forgiveness is one of the best ways towards peace of mind. This is a very intrinsic factor of healing.

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Chakra Healing

There are seven major chakras in a human body. They tend to accumulate negative energies over time. Ailments can be healed with chakra healing. When chakras are balanced, life becomes harmonious.

Crystal Healing

Healing with crystals also is very effective. Energy can be balanced quickly with crystals.