Healing services


Physical Healing

As human beings apart from our physical gross body we also have other subtle bodies.

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Emotional Healing

Human psyche is no doubt very complex in nature. Emotional healing helps in alleviating....

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Absent Healing

Healing can be done even without meeting the healer. A person can be healed from afar....

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Karmic Healing

As we are born on this earth, it begets us with a great opportunity to clean our karma.

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Transform your life with the power of healing

Since time immemorial, the art of esoteric healing has been a part of every spiritual tradition among all the civilizations. Since ages people used various healing techniques for the wellbeing of body, mind and soul!

In Indian civilization, the seers used a particular term to denote the knowledge of this process of esoteric healing: Prana Vidya. ‘Prana’ means the vital life force. Prana Vidya means the ‘science of the life force’.

The physical body is a reservoir of this Prana. Disease is nothing but lack of prana force, excess of prana force or blockages in the matrix of energy channels.  By channelizing these imbalances, ailments of any kind can be treated. Harmony can be established in the physical, mental and psychological plane with the soul leading to a healthy and well balanced way of life.

From Migraine to Covid -19, healing helps in all sorts of diseases.

Shree Pranadhara welcomes you.




'POST SURGERY HEALING' , 'CARDIAC' & 'CHOLESTEROL'........... Namaste, One day suddenly I was in pain and discomfort since morning because of a minor heart attack. Luckily I could survive it. I had cholesterol and artery blockage .I am grateful to Shree Pranadhara for their miraculous prana healing therapy due to which my recuperation was faster post surgery. My mind and body is positive and calmer than before. My cholesterol level is better too. I can't thank you enough for the incredible healing and blessings. Gradually my faith has increased in your healing therapies.

Mr. Singh

Entrepreneur, Delhi, Bharat (India)


'COVID 19 INFECTION' & 'LUNG' HEALING...... I’d love to thank Shree Pranadhara for the divine healings during my difficult times of Covid 19. The fact that the healers are so considerate makes it easy for any person to approach them during vulnerable times. I was in a terrible condition due to lung infection, fever, breathlessness, body aches and low energy. I approached them and explained my condition briefly as I wasn’t able to speak at all.They started healing sessions for cough and chest infection and the results were astonishing. My chest irritability and congestion got reduced by 90 percent in a single healing and I was up and running for my daily chores. Apart from my lung infection, I’ve had muscle pain and fever which eventually got healed. My mind and body was so positive and responsive towards the process of healing. I can’t thank the healers of Shree Pranadhara enough for the blessings. I believe these healings are incredibly powerful to change our lives beautifully. 
God bless Shree Pranadhara always and lots of love ❤

Ms. D. Pahwa

Teacher, Sydney (Australia)


'CHILLS' & 'SNEEZES'....... My daughter used to suffer from morning sneezes. Before I approached Shree Pranadhara for healing sessions, my daughter used to have chills and continuous sneezes as soon as she woke up in the morning and sometimes in the middle of the day too. As her healing sessions started, within a day the number of sneezes reduced to 4. And by the second day, the number was reduced to 2. It's amazing to see her relieved of that uncomfortable and energy draining condition. Thank u very very much. God bless. I will update you on the progress again. ❤💐


Doctor, Delhi, Bharat (India)